The 7th Annual WCWF will be   May 1st, 2016   -   Save the Date!!!

WCWF Flyer
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      Temecula Valley Dachshund Club (TVDC) and Janice & Jim Richardson - founders...

THANK YOU to our 2015 WCWF Volunteers:   Pam & Fritz Carson – Official Greeters of the WCWF
Cjay Gan and Sandy Callin – Raffle Booth
Pamela Evans & Lauren Seals – Will Call Booth
Carleen & Alan Cook + Susan Besancon – Game Booth
Mick Herod – Dachshund Races
Glenn Evans – Dachshund Races & Voice of the WCWF

Plus the many TVDC members who brought Raffle Donations,
and especially Rosie Norris who crocheted 4 gorgeous Race Winner’s blankets!

$$$   The 2015 WCWF raised $3,400 for Doxie Rescue!   $$$

Thanks to all who attended for your generous support!!!

The Wine Country Wiener Fest supports local Dachsund Rescue Groups!

Even if you couldn't attend please Donate to help the Doxies in Need!  

2015 Wine Country Wiener Fest - Event Photos

2015 WCWF Photo Album by Banyan Photography for Pets and People - Official photographer of the WCWF


Vendor Information

Thank You to our 2015 WCWF Vendors!

Mount Palomar Winery - The Perfect Place!

Click the banner to explore Mount Palomar Winery on the web...
33820 Rancho California Road
Temecula, CA  92591

Family Friendly Games & Contests

2015 WCWF Games included:
  • Loooongest Wiener - DOG! - Yes, we measure your Doxie - Longest one wins a prize!
       Congratulations "John Lee" - you're 41.5 inches long!
  • Tiniest Wiener - DOG! - We weigh your doxie - Lightest one wins a prize!
       Congratulations "Gilda Radner" - you're just 2.57 lbs!
  • Guess "How Many Dog Biscuits?" are in the jar - Closest guess wins a prize!
       Congratulations Julea Gacia - you guessed it EXACTLY at 90!
  • Best Doxie Kisser - Most face licks in 30 seconds wins a prize!
       Congratulations Faith Schuitt & "Kasey" - 99 doxie kisses in just 30 seconds - That's a new record!!!
  • Doxie Bingo - If your Doxie "doo's" in the right spot - BINGO! - you win a prize!
       Congratulations THREE winners - you (your doxie, actually) won "Doxie Bingo"!
  • DESTROY the TOY! - If your Doxie is first to remove the squeeker from a plush toy - you win a prize!
       Congratulations "Tigger Tip Toes" - you SHREDDED it in Destroy the Toy!!!
Other WCWF Contests & Door Prizes included:
  • Kentucky Derby-style Extravagant Hat Contest!
       Congratulations to young Thomas, Twin two-week old babies & Joe Grossi who won prizes!
  • Farthest Distance Traveled to the Wine Country Wiener Fest!
       Congratulations to Hans Henning who came all the way from Tampa FLORIDA!!!
  • Most Punctual Dachshund - arriving closest to our WCWF official start time of 11:00am!
       Congratulations & a Prize went to the most punctual Doxie Family!
  • Most Dachshunds brought to the Wiener Fest (besides our Rescue Groups!)
       Congratulations & a Prize went to Stephanie Ulmer with 3 doxies in tow at the Wiener Fest!


"Dexter's Derby" Dachshund Races
Dexter's Derby 2013
Our featured event of the afternoon was our "Dexter's Derby" Dachshund Races!
  • Dachshund PUPPIES! - all doxies less than 2 years old
       Congratulations Ezri Miesner from San Diego - you're the 2015 WCWF Puppy CHAMPION!
  • Dachshund Adult Open - all doxies 2 through 6 years old
       Congratulations Mr. Schnitzel from Newbury Park - you're the 2015 WCWF Adult Open CHAMPION!
  • Dachshund Seniors - all doxies 7 years and older
       Congratulations Mila Miesner from San Diego - you're the 2015 WCWF Senior CHAMPION!
  • Dachshund Mixes - all Doxie mixed-breeds, any age
       Congratulations Roo - you're the 2015 WCWF Doxie Mix CHAMPION!
90 Doxies raced for the 2015 Crown!

Mila Champ WCWF 2015
Photo courtesy of Banyan Photography for Pets and People

Congratulations to "Mila" and Denise & Chris Miesner.        
YOU are the 2015 Wine Country Wiener Fest
"Dexter's Derby - Grand Champions"!!!

Mila covered the Official-unoffical
doxie sprint distance of 53 feet in just
2.65 seconds - an average speed of
nearly 15 MPH!

Way to go MILA!!!

Why is it called "Dexter's Derby" anyway?   Who is Dexter?

    Dexter was a very special foster doxie who came to us from Ramona Humane Society (San Jacinto, CA) through Janet Maxwell at Riverside Dachshund Rescue & Sanctuary.  Dexter was left in RHS' night drop and was obviously suffering from a neurological disorder that prevented him from walking - all his limbs worked, just not in unison.  He could get up on his own, stagger a few steps, but then would fall over on his side - sometimes "running in place" with frustration.  Over time in foster he got stronger and better on his feet, sometimes taking up to 20 steps before falling over.  He could actually "chase" our other doxies and play with them!  He had some great days, but also some seizures and setbacks.
This 10/2/2009 YouTube video shows Dexter at about his best!
With a generous medical grant from the national Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society (AHDRS), Dexter received the best medical care including a brain MRI and spinal fluid tap to try to diagnose his neurological disorder.  He was finally diagnosed with "Caudal Occipital Malformation Syndrome", or COMS, which is a birth defect where the skull grows into the brain.  We were planning for a life-saving surgery in New York City, but despite our best efforts and Dexter's unbreakable spirit, he took a turn for the worse in mid October and eventually passed away on October 29th, 2009.

We will NEVER forget our little Dexter.  He never got to run with the Doxies here on Earth, so, today we run in memory of our beloved little Dexter, in our "Dexter's Derby" dachshund races!!!

Wine Country Wiener Fest - Logo T-shirts/apparel & stuff from

Our official Wine Country Wiener Fest logo T-shirts & apparel are printed and shipped on-demand directly to you from, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting dachshund rescue!  Support the WCWF and order yours today by clicking on one of the T-shirts shown above!  Sweatshirts, long sleeve & LADIES STYLES also available!!!

Also checkout our WCWF logo coffee mugs, glass mugs, beer steins & travel mugs!  Click below to choose your style, color & size...  100% of the proceeds benefit dachshund rescue!
2015 Wine Country Wiener Fest mugs & steins Basic White Mug
2015 Wine Country Wiener Fest mugs & steins

Your Donations & Event Purchases are Tax Deductible

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All WCWF donations & event purchases are tax deductible contributions to:
Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society "AHDRS" - Tax ID # 22-3805577
and/or Sunny Oasis Rescue "SOR" - Tax ID # 68-0636290

    To learn more about Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society visit the AHDRS website

    To learn more about the Temecula Valley Dachshund Club visit the TVDC website

    To learn more about Sunny Oasis Rescue visit the SOR website

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